Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10 - 16 - Audit

July 10 - During our morning walk Elder Eastmond was picking up cans to recycle. He also was picking Belakalunja for Sister Eastmond. To the Congolese they are about as precious as dandelions are to us at home. It was ironic to see something beautiful in one of his hands and garbage in the other. He said: From lofty beauty to lowly stench.

July 11 - Morning walk - Doing steps near the small hyper psaro
Sister Nancy, Elder Ron, and Elder Lorin Peterson 

Oil container could be made into a toy - just needs wheels and a string

July 12 -
A group of young people going for a walk to get warm


Two auditors came this week. Rolf Randall from South Africa and Ndane from Madagascar. We had them come to lunch two days at our home.

Rolf Randall, Justin, Ndane, E. Peterson
July 13 -
It looks like someone could take bags of meal out of this truck when it stopped. On another day we noticed a truck just like this. But we saw a man sitting just behind the closed door on top of the bags.
July 14

Bird outside the office
Bird flew to the top of the wall
July 15 - Mission Auditors and their families



Fidele & Nancy

Marie & Jacque

July 16 - Gecamines 2 Ward
Sister Marceline

Sister Litia

Frere Osee & Sister Eliza and their children

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