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May 8 - 14, 2017 - FHE, Mwenda Village Visit and Mother's Day

May 8 - This morning we drove to 7 apartments to deliver cleaning products for this transfer. We will see how this works out for the future.

We were invited to our stake president's home for family home evening. The other Elder & Sister Peterson were invited also. Their daughter Cynthia gave a lesson. Afterward Sister Tshibanga set out pizza, macaroni salad, and fruit.
Elder Lorin & Sister Nancy Peterson, Sister & Elder Peterson, Pres. & Sister Tshibanga

Cynthia, President & Sister Tshibanga, Don, Plamedi, Huggins

May 9 - Went to 2 other apartments delivering their cleaning products.

On the way home, crossing the bridge, we stopped to get pictures of Sugar Cane growing by the river. There's a bit of wind. You can see the tops bending with the breeze

At 2 p.m. we went with Elder and Sister Eastmond out to the Mwenda Village to check on the progress of the school.  On the way we saw a huge caterpillar crossing the road. We stopped to take a photo.

You can see in relation to my hand how large he is

 In a previous post there were pictures of how far the villagers had built the school with bricks on their own. Eastmonds put in a proposal. Their Humanitarian Project is providing the materials for the roof, windows, doors, cement, desks, and a latrine.

The children were so excited to see us. They have been helping by carrying bricks on their heads to the site and hauling the soil from the latrine trench to the floor of the school rooms.

carrying bricks
Showing the dirt they hauled in from the latrine trench

Three room school

Students in front of their school

They crowded around Sister Eastmond.

 Later it was my turn. As we spoke to them, they mimicked every word and inflection of our voice.
One little boy kept saying to me "Encore, en Anglais" meaning "Again, in English". So I had them repeat "I am HAPPY" then "Whooooooo!!!" and "I am thankful for our school" then "Whoooooooo!!!"  I said it in French, then in English, then in English again, and again, and again.

When it was time to go, I was the first to leave the school site, heading for the truck. As I got to the road and looked back, no one else had been coming except the group of children. So I asked them to sing me a song. They started to sing and clap their hands. So I joined in. Pretty soon we were swaying to the music and then dancing. By the time the others caught up to me the children and I were in full swing. It was so fun.

The video is too big to load on this page. The video is on our Peterson Family Facebook page.

Sister Eastmond joined us and we kept the children busy so they wouldn't swarm the truck while Elder Eastmond got in and turned it around.

On the way back we saw a line of giant ants crossing the road.

We noticed an interesting bird with a long tail on the ground. Then watched as he flew onto a tree limb.

Mad peddling this bicycle loaded with limbs

In the city we stopped by a school that is on the military base. Afternoon classes had just let out. There are 1400 students who attend. They have 2 principals. Half the school goes in the morning; the other half in the afternoon for one week. The next week the times swap. The principals stay with their same students. They want help putting a new roof on a building for preschool classes. The school was rather dreary. Reminded me more of a prison than a school. The school yard is packed dirt -- no grass.

 I looked through a gate to watch some children playing soccer in a large field.

UNICEF donated desks years ago. The metal can be salvaged, but new wooden desk top and seats will be needed.

Pile of metal desks that need refurbishing
On the streets we see young men carrying stacked egg cartons selling boiled eggs.

May 12 - On our morning walk, Everyone is probably tired of seeing pictures of sunrises, but I am never tired of taking pictures of them. At home we never seem to stop long enough to look at the sunrise or sunset.

A close up of the bird that is visible in the picture above. He is on under the tree on the right side of the photo

A bird flying--His reflection is in the water

Same bird with reflection

Amazing reflection of the sun

Bird in flight

I wish I knew what kind of bird so I could label it properly
We went to dinner at an Italian Restaurant for an early Mother's Day dinner with the Eastmonds and the other Petersons. President and Sister Shumard arrived home this afternoon from South Africa but wanted to stay home tonight.
My lasagna dinner with a side Greek salad

Elder Peterson's side of potatoes and Ham Alfredo

Elder Peterson, Sister and Elder Peterson, Sister and Elder Eastmond
 After dinner we walked outside to the lovely eating areas there, but were glad we ate inside because there were mosquitoes.
A beautiful fountain on the grounds of the restaurant

 May 13 - A couple of weeks ago when we visited the Lubumbashi Museum there was a display of how these art pieces are made with raffia and woven. I didn't take a picture of how it was done. I wish I had.
Elder and Sister Eastmond found a lady who sells these pieces that are made up in the Mbuji-Mayi area. They can either be hung on the wall or set on a table.
 We put it on a small table with the two bowls and the knife and spoon made by Carlos
 A few Saturdays ago I made this Congolese "mumu" or whatever you want to call it. It is something I can wear around the house. I used one of Sister Eastmond's as a "pattern". It turned it pretty good.
 Last Saturday I sewed an apron for Elder Peterson. I still have some fabric left if any of the guys would like a grilling apron.

May 14th - Mother's Day

Here are some children who wanted their picture taken after church today.
He doesn't look like he wanted his picture taken--but he did.

Fleurmerdi and her little cousin (the same baby in the pink dress who was blessed last Sunday)

Happy Mother's Day to all of our daughters Liz Peterson, Erin Peterson Ropelato, Aleece Peterson Van Wagenen, Leslie Peterson Webb, Tera Peterson, Sarah A Chapman, Klint Rachael Maloney, Rebecca Cottongim, Shayna Wood Clark.
What beautiful women you are--the mothers of our grandchildren.

Our posterity bring such joy and happiness into our lives. The sealing power of the Priesthood in the Temple is an amazing blessing that Heavenly Father has given us. The knowledge that we are sealed together for not only this life on earth but for eternity is priceless.

That knowledge gives such comfort when we think of Grandma and Grandpa Wood, and Grandpa Peterson. We know that we will be with them again.

It is exciting to think about getting to know all the grandmothers and grandfathers in our ancestry. What joy it will be to talk to them and hear first-hand the story of how they found the true Church on the earth--the names of the missionaries who taught them, the trials of Kirtland, Far West, Nauvoo, Winter Quarters, and the trek to Utah.

We are the beneficiaries of their commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How grateful we are!!

We love you all and wish you the best Mother's Day ever. Hopefully church talks are uplifting. No mother is PERFECT. But you are all PERFECT for your husband and children!!

We love serving in the DRC. Only our commitment to the Savior and our Heavenly Father could keep us away from each of you so long a time. The bright spot of the elbow accident was coming home and spending some quality time with you. These past four months have flown by for us.

Keep posting your children and family activities on FaceBook so that we can continue to be part of your lives.

May the Lord bless you with health, happiness, and every good thing in life.  There may be sprinkles of challenge, but going through challenges makes us stronger and helps us appreciate who we are and who we are becoming.

Love, Mom and Dad (alias Elder and Sister Peterson)

Just finished facetiming with most of you--How we love to see your faces and hear your voices!!

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