Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 1 - May 7 - Transfer Week

May 1 - Morning Walk


There was a mist coming off the river. Makes for an interesting picture

May 2 - Farewell dinner for departing missionaries. This is Elder Peterson convincing two Sisters it was time for them to leave the compound. They are not part of the dinner group.

These are two of the sisters leaving for home.
Sister Kalubi and Sister Peterson

Sister Peterson and Sister Mayamba
Group of Departing Missionaries
May 3 - Nine Elders arrived today from the Ghana MTC.

May 4 - During our morning walk we passed this truck that was parked in front of a home. The sand will be used to help make cement. We are always amazed as we pass these trucks on the road, wondering why the sand doesn't slide off. When it is loaded (by hand) the men pack it down good with flat shovels.

See the shovel marks in the sand

Birds with very long tails

May 5 - Our walk on the golf course
Morning sun on the golf course
We saw 2 similar but different butterflies. Check out the black markings on each.

May 6 - At 4 p.m. we walked to the Bougainvilla with President and Sister Shumard and the other Peterson couple. We had a working dinner while discussing some issues with the mission. 

May 7 - Gecamines 2 Ward.
Hugens with his 6 month old cousin who was blessed today

Children love to have their picture taken

This little guy insisted I take his picture without the others.
President and Sister Shumard left this afternoon for South Africa for Mission Presidents Seminar. They will be gone until Friday.

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