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May 15 - 21, 2017 - Mission Leader Council & Senior Activity

May 15 - Morning Run. Dad bought new shoes over the Internet and had them sent to Sarah in Lehi. She took them to Salt Lake and gave them to Elder Sean Donnelly who had been at General Conference and a Public Affairs Seminar. When President and Sister Shumard went to South Africa for Mission President Seminar, they picked up the shoes and brought them here.

Good looking shoes

Before the Run

We came upon this mother who was carrying a crate full of bread. In the baby's right hand is a small baguette.
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After the maiden voyage run - shoes no longer clean

Delivered brochures to the Nyashi Aparment. They were busy cleaning their house and doing laundry on their P-day.

We then went to the Bongonga Apartment where Elder Tunga was preparing breakfast. These are pima. They are very hot!! Or say the Elders say. Elder Munduku even eats them straight!! The others like it crushed up and put in the leaves to make sombé.

Elder Tunga with the small mortar and using the other end of the fufu paddle

Elders Yombo, Tunga, and Egombe

Elders Egombe, Peterson, Yombo, Tunga, and Munduku

May 16 - On our walk we came upon this green insect on the melaluca flower

Orange flowers that look yellow in the photo
Today was the Mission Leader Council. Zone leaders and sister trainer leaders from all five zones in the mission attended.

We went to the meeting to take lunch.

We were asked to stay so Elder Peterson could take part in a panel discussion on retention.

At four o'clock we went to the Gecamines 2 building to meet Emmanuel. He is a ward missionary. He is going with us to two families that we have been asked to home teach. Emmanuel will show us where they live and introduce us to the families.
The first family live within a three minute walk from the Church. The picture shows four of the six children.

Clockwise with older daughter Jesica, Jean, Sister Sina Tshiyamba, Francis and Rhiana

The second family's mother is not a member of the Church. Only the dad and the children. We visited with the mother, Sister Sido and two children, Junior who is 16 and Elise who is 21. Sister Sido said she would be coming to ward conference on Sunday and asked us to wait until then to take her picture. 

Some children we talked to as we returned to our truck

May 17 - Sunrise over the lake as we climb the stairs over and over

At the Gecamines Elders apartment, took a picture of their homemade bar bells. Two cans with the rod cemented in.

We invited all the couples in the compound to join us for a spaghetti dinner, complete with fresh steamed green beans, a now famous layered green salad with all the fixings and homemade rolls taken from the freezer. For dessert - carrot and zucchini muffins with chocolate chips.

Sisters Eastmond and Peterson, the two Elder Petersons

Sister and President Shumard; Elder and Sister Eastmond
Double "braseros" that President had made for each of the apartments. The charcoal (charbonne) is placed on the grate. The tray underneath with catch the ashes for easy disposal. All it needs is a grate across the top so they can place their pans with food on it.

May 18 - Had a great run on the golf course. Elder and Sister Eastmond did yoga this morning so I had to run with the others. Kept up pretty good, but took a little shortcut.

May 19 - We delivered a brasero and charbonne  and a new water filter system to the Kawama Apartment. The Elders were all dressed, ready to leave the apartment for the day.
Elders Sangani, Adjra, Kande, Mamba, and Peterson

Elders Sangani and Adjra, Sister Peterson (still in running clothes) Elders Kande and Mamba
Elder and Sister Eastmond met a woman, Marie Laurent, who runs a school for 400 underprivileged children. The children do not have to pay tuition. Some are orphans. It is mostly a girls school, with only 15 boys enrolled. Marie and her husband, Henrie, and their daughter Princess have invited all the senior couples to their home tonight for a true Congolese dinner. Sister Eastmond and I went at 3 p.m. to help with the dinner. When we arrived much of the preparation had already been completed. We chopped onions and tomatoes, and then watched in amazement as the 13 adopted orphans helped with the meal.

Marie Laurent with the manioc leaves used to make sambé.

The manioc leaves have been crushed

Charbonne is ready

sweet potatoes







palm nuts - oil is pounded from these to be used in sambé


palm oil 

Palm nut after the oil has been pounded out

Cracking the palm nut

palm oil being added to the manioc leaves for sambé

oil added to the pork

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a "twin" plantain

white beans added to the pork

Mortar used to crush leaves

palm nuts waiting to be cracked

tomatoes and onions added

Princess and others preparing plantains for cooking

A triple cooker

Marie Laurent cutting fish

Chicken in a wire cage with handles that can be used for turning the chicken over

Plantains cooking in oil

Each girl has a responsibility

dried fish that has been reconsituted

basting the chicken

basting the chicken

small fish frying in oil

maid cleaning the floor

Notice how she bends almost in half

fish frying
The finished products-- What a feast!! It was like Thanksgiving Dinner. You could only take a small spoonful of each dish because your plate was full!

Chinese cabbage


Small fish

fish from Lake Tanganika



white beans and pork


Spinach with tomatoes and onions


Salad with sausage

Fruit for dessert--Fufu in the red container

 Their adopted daughters sang and danced for us; 3 boys were there to play the drums

The girls use plastic bags and crochet designs. 
 These are manikins with ceremonial clothing.

Notice the beadwork

Crocheted plastic around a bottle.. It stand about 3 feet high

This next one simulates the DRC flag.

It actually is a garbage can
 Some of the girls at the school are artists. This picture is in the shape of the African continent. At the bottom it shows a man smoking. The artist says it represents Americans and that Americans get things done. The upper part represents the African people with their hand out because they are always asking for more. Interesting insights from a young African girl.
 This painting is unique. The suit, shirt, and tie are made from actual fabric pieces and attached to the canvas. The rest is painted.

May 20 - We had a Senior Activity at the Pullman Hotel (formerly the Karavia). This is one of the places we walk to in the mornings. We are usually looking at the veranda from the other side.

President & Sister Shumard, Elder & Sister Eastmond

Sister Nancy & Elder Lorin Peterson, President & Sister Shumard

Elder & Sister Eastmond, Elder Ron Peterson

Sister & Elder Peterson, President & Sister Shumard

Elder & Sister Eastmond

The pool really was more of a purple blue, but the camera gave us this pretty color.
In the lobby area there are two pyramids of equal size.
Pyramid of malachite

Copper comes from the malachite
Sunday, May 21 - Gecamines 2 Ward Conference. The chapel was full. The members made a concentrated effort to invite their neighbors. There were about 20 investigators there.

This first picture is the family that we home teach. The older daughter was not in the picture on Tuesday.
Sister Sina Tshiyamba, Jacquie
Francis, Rhiana

Elder & Sister Peterson with the family

The mother of the second family did not come. We only saw the daughter we talked to on Tuesday.

3 little children in the ward. Notice the girls' cute hairstyles.

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