Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March 27 - April 2 - Lubumbashi Zones Phone Meetings - Bennetts arrive

March 27 - Men are digging a trench by hand for fiber optic cable. This is what is looks like on either side of our driveway.

Dug about 4 feet down
March 29 - Cables laid and covered. These are pictures at the corner up the road from us.

Not sure how they are going to bury this cable

Carlos and another man
March 30 at the golf course

What is growing in the top of that tree?

Close up

Beautifully maintained golf course

Carlos and Elder Eastmond

Flower blooms and in a few hours dies
March 31 - Walk
Bell tower on the other side of the river

river crossing - Elder L. Peterson at the left fork ahead; Elder R Peterson and Sister N. Peterson
The crew with the fiber optics covered the trench but left this mess.

Ilunga, our gardener smoothing out the mess.

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Jean, one of our guards at the entrance to our compound

Ilunga has added dirt on the top of the grass at the right

Sister Barlow and Ilunga's garden in the back courtyard
Mission Vehicle Inspection Day

Elder and Sister Bennett arrived today from Likasi. They will be with us for a few days before returning home to Canada. All of us went to Al Basha for dinner.

April 1st - Morning Walk

Flowers in a field

Elder Eastmond crossing the small walking bridge.

Flowers up in the tree

Looking across the river to the side we usually walk along

The ditch for water drainage had to go around this huge rock that is part of the foundation of the wall.

Large home and compound seen on our walk

Sister Conteh finally arrives. There were problems with her visa. 
April 2 - We had a dinner at the Mission Home tonight.
We took green salad. Looks great and tastes even better

Sister Shumard made soup and bought croissants
It was a delicious dinner. We enjoyed the company of the Senior Missionary Couples.

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