Monday, April 24, 2017

April 17 - 23, 2017 - Mini Transfer - Arrival of 7 Missionaries from the Ivory Coast

April 17 -  Today would have been my parent's 71st anniversary. What a wonderful childhood I had. They left a great legacy of faith and commitment to the Church. How I love them. I miss them every day. I am blessed to be their daughter.

After the morning walk we saw workers digging a trench on the other side of our street. It is for fiber optic cable. After asking permission, I jumped down into the trench for this picture with the hoe.
In the trench

trench for fiber optics
April 18 - Seven missionaries who have been serving in their home country of the Ivory Coast arrived today. They previously attended the MTC in Ghana but did not have a visa to come to the DRC until now. It is between transfers, so President had to complete a "mini" transfer. They have been serving in their temporary mission for between four and eleven months!

Missionaries from the Ivory Coast

April 21 - A walk on the Golf Course

First cactus we have seen in the DRC

Jean, one of our guards, holding a grasshopper

If your window is broken--just use packing tape. A couple of rolls will do

Not quite the same as the one in Roy
While driving to dinner at Al Basha tonight Elder Eastmond noticed a rainbow ahead of us.
It is hard to see but right above the car on the road in front of us

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