Monday, April 3, 2017

March 20 - 26, 2017 - Transfers; Likasi Phone Meeting

March 20 - Morning Walk

Sambé leaves for sale
The Congolese have their own way of marking trouble on the road--No orange markers--just limbs from a tree in front and behind their car which has broken down.
Sister Eastmond

President needs a therapy session. He burns paper garbage in the "ditch" to de-stress.

Elder Peterson is in charge of the new telephone system. Only one phone per companionship that will stay in their area when they are transferred.

Phones at our house; charged and ready to go

Sister Shumard addressing envelopes for missionary instructions.

Elder Peterson checking out the charge phones.

March 21 - 3 missionaries departed today.

March 22 - our morning walk was on the golf course.
Ants crossing the pathway on the golf course

Ants crossing the path


What is growing in the top of that tree?

5 Missionaries arrived today; one arriving tomorrow; one still awaiting her visa to enter the country.

March 23 - Sunrise

Billboard on a building with a real metal car attached.
Elder Peterson and I traveled with President and Sister Shumard and 5 missionaries in the mission van to Likasi. The missionaries from Kolwezi came by bus to Likasi for a meeting about the new phone and ATM visa prepaid card systems.

At the Peage station - toll booth

Bicycles on the top of the car

Elder Biyadi arrived today.

March 24 - morning walk. We crossed the river and returned home another way.

In the yard of the bell tower

Local children on their way to school.

They ran to catch up with us

March 26 at church

 On the way home from church. This is one of the main bridge crossings of the river. The water is high since we are near the end of the rainy season.

This is the local appliance dealer.

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