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February 27 - March 5, 2017 - Sean Donnelly & the Romney's

February 28 - Today would have been my father, Darrell D. Wood's 96th birthday. He passed away 3 years ago. He was on my mind all day long. I reminisced with myself about many of the good times we shared as a family. I miss him and my mother so much. They were always supporting me in anything I was involved in. That extended to Ron when we were married and our children and grandchildren as they joined the family.

We picked up President and Sister Shumard from the airport. They arrived from their 6 days away traveling to and from Bujumbura.

President Shumard asked all the missionaries in the mission to answer 4 questions. This is my response to them.

1. What does it mean to be self-reliant?

Self reliance is using the gifts Heavenly Father has given me to figure out how to complete a task that has been assigned. I can ask help from others who may have had similar experiences. I can also ask the Lord for personal revelation to aid in finding solutions to challenges.

2. What is a sacrifice?

A sacrifice is giving something or doing something that goes beyond what is easy or comfortable. It means going without something we want so someone else may have what they need.

3. What sacrifice did you give to the Lord to come on a mission?

We planned from the time we were first married to serve a mission when we retired. It took 45 years to achieve the goal. There is a substantial monetary sacrifice to serve in the Congo. However, the largest sacrifice we gave up to come on this mission is time with our children and grandchildren. We enjoy attending some of their ball games, their musical performances, plays, etc. Also we missed a baby blessing, and we will not be present for baptisms and Priesthood ordinations. These are very important to us, but serving a mission right now is more important.

4. What sacrifice are you making each day to be here in the Lubumbashi Mission?

 In addition to being away from our family, each day we work for Heavenly Father in the office instead of enjoying traveling the world, staying in beautiful resorts and living in our mountain home.

It is a privilege to serve our Savior Jesus Christ by doing what we can to help the Lubumbashi Mission move forward. We, as well as our family, are blessed beyond what we may deserve because we are here. We love our Father and His Son. That is why we are serving a mission.

We do love our mission here working with President and Sister Shumard and the other senior missionaries and the young Elders and Sisters.

March 1 - Dr. & Sister Peterson arrived back from their daughter's wedding in New Zealand. Sister Peterson had hinted at "Jumping Visa" and going back to Arizona, but she said after their 2 weeks away from the compound, they decided they weren't self-reliant enough to go home yet.

March 2 - On our morning walk we saw this wall that had crumbled. Not sure if it was the bamboo tree roots that helped in the decay or if it was weather related.

At the end of a neighborhood road

beautiful new wall  
March 3 - All the couples went to the Lebanese restaurant tonight for dinner.

March 4 -  Trent's birthday today. Enjoyed a morning walk, just the two of us. It looked like rain so we took an umbrella, but didn't need it. 

Busy today cooking and cleaning. Found some citric acid in the spice cupboard so made 4 liters of homemade lemonade concentrate. Now we can just add water to it when we want lemonade. Made a jello with whipped cream and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. 

On our way to the airport we saw:
Following a Congolese hearse

Anyone need a mattress??

Sean Donnelly is coming today and will stay with us until Monday morning. We went to the airport to pick him up. Elder and Sister Romney, who are from California, came with him. They are the public affairs missionary couple for several missions in the Southeast African area. They are staying at the Pullman Karavia Hotel. We dropped them off at the Institute building for a training meeting.

Back at the compound President and Sister Shumard were preparing for a couples activity. We had grilled chicken and shrimp as the main event, along with salad, bread, etc. And Peanut Butter Rice Krispie treats topped with melted chocolate chips for dessert!! Can't get much better than that. Sean and the Romneys arrived from their meeting just as we were sitting down to eat.  A great meal to start our fast.
Sister Eastmond, Elder & Sister Peterson, Sister Nancy Peterson

E & S Romney with their back in the photo, E & S Eastmond, E & S Ron & Shauna Peterson, S & E Nancy & Lorin Peterson, President and Sister Shumard - Sean Donnelly taking the picture

March 5 - Took Sean and the Romney's to the Ruashi 2 Ward in the morning. Later in the afternoon the three of them had a meeting and dinner with President and Sister Shumard. We had a quiet day of reading and studying, along with a small nap. Sister Shumard sent a piece of chocolate cake with Sean when he came back. Sean called "Lady Di" Donnelly and we all had a small conference chat. Next February, at the end of our mission before we go home, they will take us on a five day safari trip into Kruger Park, which is about a three hour drive from their home.
Sister Peterson and Sister Romney with members of Ruashi 2 Ward

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