Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 6 - 12, 2016 - Departures & Mission Leader Council

June 6
We picked up the two sisters that are returning home this morning, Sister Ipatatele from Kinshasa, DRC and Sister Raharinjaka from Madagascar. The 8 elders were brought to the airport by the two APs.

Elder Bin-Kahozi, Sister Peterson, Sister Ipatutele, Sister Raharinjaka, Elder Peterson

Departing Missionaries - most going to Kinshasa, DRC

We took Elder and Sister Needs to the airport later in the morning. It was hard to say goodbye to such good friends. It is also hard because they have such a tough assignment. Their apartment and office doesn't have running water, electricity is not constant, and they are probably the only white people in the entire city. That makes them a target for people to beg for money, food, etc. But they have willing hearts and knowledge that the Lord will provide a way for the mission to be able to function. Computer technicians are going to Mbuji-Mayi this week to connect their computers and get internet up and running for them. They took 4 suitcases back with them--most of it food. There is no grocery store in Mbuji-Mayi.
Elder Rion and Sister Char Needs from Draper, Utah - on their way back to Mbuji-Mayi

Truck loaded with sand. Notice how rounded the load is. Looks like one fast stop and it will all slide off.

June 7
There was no run/walk for me this morning. My back is still a bit out of whack. Elder Peterson "B" (the doctor) gave me some muscle relaxers and I have been taking that medication since last Thursday. It is helping to keep the pain at a minimum.

Today the men from the shipping company came to count the boxes we have ready to go to Mbuji-Mayi. There are 119 total boxes. They will pick them up tomorrow and hopefully it will be on a plane Saturday to Mbuji-Mayi and Elder and Sister Needs.

Mission Leader Council today at the Mission Home. Last one for President & Sister Thomas.
Mission Leader Council - Zone Leaders & Sister Trainer Leaders

June 10 - Went to dinner at "the Catch" with the Peterson's and Sister Vance. I ordered talapia and it came with the HEAD ON. Totally shocked--forgot to take a picture of it. Tasted OK, but I did not eat the head.

Sister Vance 

Sister Vance with a waitress

Chevron, a manager at the Catch and Sister Vance

June 12 - Church at the Kisanga Stake Center - Missionaries & Sister Vance saying goodbye.

River where people will go to wash their clothes.

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